Information Systems Rotation Program

Job Location: Shanghai

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The Information Systems Rotation Program (ISRP) is a development rotational program designed to broaden and deepen your functional and technical competency, cross-area IT expertise and soft skills as an IT professional. The program is designed to comprehensively develop the competitive talents for Dow Information Systems (IS). You will have the opportunity to demonstrate excellent performance through this accelerated learning and development experience.

Program Structure

According to your individual background, you will be placed into two job assignments within Information Systems, examples include SAP ERP, Microsoft Windows based software development, IT infrastructure, data analysis, application integration, etc. You will spend approximately 18 months in each job assignment, learning technologies, Dow work processes and client interaction skills, which will help you to develop critical technical, functional and core competencies. You will receive structured training for each assignment and work on global projects. Multiple senior Dow leaders will serve as mentors to guide you along the way.

Graduation from Information Systems Rotation Program

At the end of the program, you will gain knowledge of different IT expertise and job roles within Information Systems. You will then be deployed in a particular Information Systems team based on your performance, competency, career interest and the organizational demand.

Professional Development

ISRP offers a holistic and intense approach to your technical, functional and professional development:

  • Exposure to diversified IT Portfolios and Roles
    By working on different assignments, you will get exposure to different IT expertise areas, and have the opportunity to experience different IT roles. Dow IS offers a wide range of IT expertise areas and an array of job opportunities for you to rotate based on your individual background.
  • Career Development and Training
    You will be offered with a tailor-made Personal Training plan that covers soft skills, IT technical and functional knowledge specific to your team and role. Your knowledge and skills will be further deepened from on-job project work.
  • Network and Mentoring
    You will have senior leaders (both local and global) assigned as mentors for each assignment. This provides you with an initial network to help ensure success in the program as well as guidance and support throughout your career.

Who we are looking for

We welcome 2021 graduates with

  • Background in Information Technology, Engineering, Sciences or Mathematics, etc.
  • Interest in and enthusiasm for Information Technology
  • Quick learner and good problem solver; ability to work independently and efficiently after training
  • Outstanding teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills. Fluent in both Chinese and English, orally and written.
  • Adapt to new environments and changes, and be able to work in the global environment with the inclusive and diversified culture
  • Willingness to participate in the Rotation Program

About Dow Information Systems (IS)

The Dow IS/IT department focuses on using digital information technology to help promote the company's business development. Our goal is to lead the company's digital transformation and build a truly digital materials science company, and provide excellent service and world-class technical solutions for Dow's global business.

In the Dow IS/IT department, employees will participate in global or regional projects to provide technical support for supply chain, commercial, and manufacturing, etc. The work of the Dow IS/IT department covers today’s mainstream technology stacks, including but not limited to the implementation and development of SAP ERP eco-system solutions, mobile and web application development, data analysis, information security, cloud infrastructure construction, etc.