Integrated Supply Chain
Rotation Program (ISCRP)

Location: Shanghai

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Dow Integrated Supply Chain Rotation Program (ISCRP) is a development rotational program designed to broaden your business acumen, cross-team expertise and critical professional skills in Integrated Supply Chain. We are on the journey to the End-to-End (E2E) transformation to ensure our sustainable growth and continuous strong competitiveness in the dynamic Asia Pacific region. As a new employee to Dow, ISCRP presents a perfect platform to set the foundation for a successful career with the company.

Program Structure

A Dow leader will organize you in two job assignments within Integrated Supply Chain, including Dow Logistics, Business Supply Chain, Customer Services and Improvement & Scale (Focus on process and system) teams. You will spend approximately twelve months in each job assignment, learning best practices and processes that will help you develop critical functional and leadership competencies. One or more senior Dow leaders will serve as mentors to guide you along the way.

We transition to E2E by breaking down silos and re-engineering the way we work. Workers completing activities in the E2Es, including value-add, knowledge or transactional tasks. ISCRPer's work will include but not be limited to creating value, improving operational efficiency, reducing operational costs and providing superior service to improve customer experience. ISCRPer's work will cover the Asia-Pacific region, located in Shanghai as Asia Pacific Integrated Center. Demand Planning-to-Fulfillment (DP2F) is an integral part of the New Dow. As a true E2E, this model requires us work across functions and disciplines with a customer-centric mindset in order to perform at the highest level for our customers.

On top of your job assignments, you will be given special projects or initiatives, to complement your in-depth functional development in DP2F operation model. These special projects or initiatives will provide you invaluable learning and networking opportunities with senior leaders in Dow Integrated Supply Chain and other functions/businesses.

ISCRP is designed to build functional expertise and future leader potentials for Integrated Supply Chain. You will be expected to perform at levels beyond your peers, at an accelerated phase of learning and development.

Professional Development

Dow ISCRP offers a holistic and intense approach to functional expertise and professional development:

Communication & Collaboration –regular, structured contact with senior leaders from multiple functions and peer groups. Work together to drive superior result. Do not settle for “good enough” but always aim higher.

Network and Mentoring –senior leader assigned as mentor for each assignment, providing participants with an initial network to help ensure success in the program and offer guidance and support throughout their career. ISC RP candidates will have access to business and peer networks.

Performance Management – leverage company performance management system; apply intensively with multi-leader involvement on a project-by-project basis to provide prompt assessment and feedback and identification of development needs.

Employee Development and Training – tailor-made Personal Learning Plan (PLP) covers general company orientation as well and specific business and functional training driven by project schedule.

Graduation from Integrated Supply Chain Rotation Program

At the end of the program, you will have gained exposure to different types of work within Integrated Supply Chain, expanded your skills and developed professionally. You will then be placed in a career position based on your performance, skills, career interest and Dow’s business needs. Personalized mentoring and career development support will be consistently offered from Dow senior leaders throughout the first year after deployment.

Candidate Requirements:

  • We are looking for new graduates with background in Chemical Engineering, Supply Chain, Logistics, Business Administration, International Trade, Computer Science and Economics.
  • Dow seeks mobile-minded strategic thinkers and tactical implementers with a demonstrated outstanding work ethic and strong problem solving, analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • You must possess excellent leadership characteristics, high initiative and quick learning skills.
  • An international perspective is required, and ability to work in a global team environment is critical.