Ji Tingting

Supply Chain Planning Assistant

I already heard about Dow when I was still a campus student and always hoped to know more about this company. In April 2015, I realized my dream and joined in Dow Supply Chain Rotation Program.

Dow provides the fresh graduates with systematic training, guidance, pleasant working environment and excellent global team. I learnt how to complete a task efficiently by communicating with different stakeholder including sites, logistics, sales, technical, customer service and also learnt the thinking process to provide solutions when facing up with the datum. All these experiences contributed to my continuous growth in the early stage of my career.

Besides, we have quite colorful activities during our spare time including various kinds of events, club activities, annual dinner, volunteer activities, sports, etc.

Dow is really an ideal platform for the fresh graduates full of challenges, opportunities, happiness and development opportunities. Don’t hesitate, we are right here waiting for you!