Ying Feiran

Information System Specialist

I still remember in year 2014, I had the first impression of Dow through the campus talk in Fudan University. Dow impressed me a lot with its great company culture and care for employees. It becomes my dream company once after the campus talk.

In year 2015, I luckily got the offer to join in Dow. Although I’m a fresh graduate, I still played a key role in global projects. The various kinds of trainings also enabled me to grasp different kinds of advanced IT technology, application of SAP and database development. Moreover, a variety of employee activities further enriched my spare life and made me feel happy to work in such a great place. In my daily work, I’ll discuss with the colleagues from U.S. on how to optimize the IT service, collaborate with engineers from India on projects and develop new tools for the team individually. I do believe I have a fast growth during the past months.

Dow is an excellent career starting point and platform for me. Join us and let’s unlock the door of the dream and change the world with technology!